Review: Wolf by Alaska Angelini

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Review:  Wolf by Alaska AngeliniWolf (Wolf River, #1) by Alaska Angelini
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on December 18, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Horror & Ghost Stories, Paranormal, Romance, Shapeshifters
Pages: 428
Format: eBook, Paperback

ISBN: 978-1522812647
This book is unsuitable for people under 18 years of age.

Tragedy was something I knew all too well. My years as a detective showed me the worst life had to offer... but it wasn’t the homicides that had me stepping down from the force. Losing my fiancé and partner, Martin, to a senseless act of violence had. Now I'm a private investigator and I choose my own assignments.

A questionable bear attack should have been a simple case, but nothing about Wolf River, or my main suspect, Alexander Villani, comes easily. Where the townsfolk are uncooperative and cold, Alex’s overwhelming presence is anything but.

From multiple missing persons and inconceivable stories, each night I find myself falling deeper into a town’s legend. One I can’t bring myself to believe.

WARNING: This book is the first in a series and is a STANDALONE. It contains graphic violence, disturbing situations, strong language, and adult content. Mature audiences only.

Wolf by Alaska Angelini is book one in her new Wolf River series, a standalone, and it does not disappoint. It had me glued from the start with it’s mystery, suspense, and bloody hot sexiness that it made reading all the gory bits well worth it.

The story is about Erin Billings, a former detective who now works as a private investigator. She’s hired to investigate the death of a young girl in Wolf River. The reports say it was a bear, but she’s asked by the girl’s father to find out the truth. While driving through the woods, Erin hits something hard and is run off the road. Luckily, she is rescued by Alex Villani, the lone survivor of a previous “bear” attack that killed three others and the town’s prime suspect by those who suspect that there is no bear, but rather werewolves.

Off the bat, there is a complete air of mystery with the way the townspeople are cold, as well as, how antagonizing Detective Perkins is around Alex which completely makes you keep wondering what is really going on all the way through.

Add in the fact that the “Wolf” doing the attacks even has it its on POV chapters…Alaska just really has you guessing for a while. Also, the suspense is gripping especially when Erin gets deeper into the investigation and more people go missing.

Now I must talk about my favorite parts about this novel… Alex Vallani and the wolves. Forget music soothing the savage beast…all Alex needs is the smell of Erin’s blood and he’s hooked. Completely obsessed. Possessive. And he is absolutely a very dominant alpha. Alex and Erin have great chemistry and I loved every minute of their story. Especially as the story of the werewolves in Wolf River grew and unfolded. Then there are the actual wolves in Wolf River, both terrifying and beautiful. I kept think of the movie The Grey with Liam Neeson when we Alex talked about the wolves hunting.

Overall, Wolf is a well-written paranormal romance that anyone who loves their shifter romances sexually charged, nail-biting, and filled with wolves. 🙂 I definitely, happily, recommend reading this book.

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